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Monday, 6 June 2011

PCJ Monday Meet & Greet




How long have you been crafting?
As long as I can remember really, my Mother used to sew, knit and crochet, so I just started from there.

What gets your creative juices flowing?
Pretty things, and shiny things, lol, I love glitzy shiny pretty things, that is all it takes....

Are you a messy crafter or tidy?
Definitely messy, even though I like things tidy, but if my desk is too neat, I can't create, I am most creative with a mess everywhere.

Do you plan out your projects before starting or make it up as you go along?
Make it up as I go along. Every time I tried to pre plain something it never turns out. I get a vague idea in my head and off I go, but it never really turns out the way I thought it would, but that how it works for me.

Which craft tool would make you cry if it broke?
My Sizzix Big Shot/Big kick. I am on my second one now, i wore out the first one, it literally fell to pieces.

What is/are your Must buy craft items.
Well for me it has been all the different dies you can now get. Loving the marianne creatables dies, nellie snellen, tim holtz dies. Just enjoy using them on my projects.

Tips for crafters new and old.
Just be yourself , use the web and blog for inspiration, but be you. Everyone has their own style. We all end up with soo much equipment, and really cardmaking is not hard. if you are starting out, just stick to CAS cards and work from there.


  1. Hi Hilde! It's so nice to meet you lol! I am seriously curious as to how your machine fell apart! You do need to tell us that story!


  2. Yep Hilde we want to know the story !!!! lol
    Jacki xx

  3. So nice to get to know more about you, Hilde!


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