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Monday, 4 July 2011

PCJ Meet & Greet

Introducing….. Jacki!

How long have you been crafting?

Card making about 4.5 years but I started with cross stitch about 5.5years ago

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring to keep on crafting?

Ooohhh only 3 well then it would have to be stamps card and promarkers I think

·What gets your creative juices flowing?

I don’t know sometimes it’s colour or pictures and other times something will just pop in my head (it hurts when that happens)lol

· Do you whistle while you work?

No it hurts my ears

· What is your favourite music to listen to while crafting away?

ahh now this is easy and anyone who knows me will know the answer anything by Darren Hayes or Adam Ant

· What is your absolute most favourite product to work with?

My craft studio it’s my work table so to speak

· Where do your creative messes flow?

you really wouldn’t believe me if I told you but I have the smallest table ever and rest all my stuff on my storage boxes

my craftspace

· Share a piece of work that you are proudest of



· Are you a messy crafter or tidy?

Very very messy

· Do you plan out your projects before starting or make it up as you go along?

This really depends on what I am doing if it’s for a DT card then 9 times out of 10 you have a theme and sometimes an image to use, if it’s a commissioned card then I ask about the person it’s for i.e what do they like or fav colour so I go with that but then I will sometimes see an image and think I can make a card with that and just see what happens

· Favourite current paper line

Paper Cellar, Red hot bed

· Favourite craft manufacturer

Hunky Dory their stuff is gorjuss. Debbi Moore Sheena Douglas

· Favourite online resource for inspiration

I would have to say fellow bloggers there is nothing like a bit of hopping to find inspiration

· The most useful tutorial you have found

Again this has to be a blog Debbi from http://wiccababe.blogspot.com her PM tutorials are fantastic taught me a lot

· Which craft magazines do you read (online or offline)?

Papercraft essentials simply cards & papercraft Making cards Quick cards (most of them lol)

· Top tips for crafters old and new

When using foam pads to stick down an image use a glue stick on them in case you pop it down in the wrong place and if you have any acetate or velum that won’t go through your printer attach it to a thin piece of card then try it, it works for me

· What was the first design team you were a part of? Crafty card makers was the first to ask me to join in March this year so I am relatively new to DT stuff

· Describe your crafting style in 3 words

very very chaotic

· Complete this sentence: You will know which project Is mine by…………The amount of glitter (even if I don’t use it, it somehow gets on things

· What are your crafting strengths and weaknesses?

Now this one I had to think long and hard about my weakness is my spelling (it’s really bad I have a dictionary on standby all the time ) inserts are my worst nightmare lol strength I think it would be that I am willing to give anything a go

· Which craft tool would make you cry if it broke?

my pointed tweezers

· What is/are your “Must buy” craft item(s)

stamps (digi or normal) and cd roms

· What do you do when your Mojo takes a nosedive?

I will pick up a few magazines or like I said earlier go blog hopping something usually wakes it up then

· Do you have a nick name?

None that I know about

· Share your favourite quote:

you don’t need anything after an ice cream

· Share a random fun fact about you:

I am useless at doing accents

· Which Disney character would you be and why?

Possibly a cross between Dopey and inkerbell Why well because I’m dopey and I flit around a lot

· What is your favourite film?

Anything gory or girlie (coyote ugly, saw, that sort)


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